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"All Aboard! V&TRR" - photographer Faith Photograph of Nevada.
1st Place Award - Category Our Best Friend - 2017 San Diego State Fair Photography Exhibit

This features a unique, ONE-of-kind photograph of the Sierra Rottweiler Owners dogs. 
All dogs were sitting simultaneously for this ONE photograph. 
These beautiful dogs are NOT photo-shopped .  
They are talented and able to sit together and smile for the camera.  
Special thanks to Nevada State Railroad Museum & Wendell. "Ice's Royal Flush" was photographed by Ernest Ross Photography .  This features the multi-talented Rottweiler, "Ice" who had no problem showing off his royal flush and smiling for the patrons of the Red Dog Saloon!   Ice's owner is just as talented.  She is Mary Johnson; an outstanding member of The Sierra Rottweiler Owners!  Special thanks to Red Dog Saloon and Loren.

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